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Asphalt Services

Dependable Land Maintenance Will Provide DEPENDABLE & INEXPENSIVE Services.


Asphalt repair and replacement

Trees on privately owned property are the responsibility of the property owner. If damage occurs to these trees, the property owner must hire a qualified contractor that is registered in the NJ State Attorney General’s Office.

Dependable Land Maintenance provides full parking lot overlays, construction of new asphalt parking lots, railroad crossings, sealing and striping.
Asphalt pavements are constructed in two or more layers depending on the strength that is desired. Strength, carrying capacity and pavement longevity are increased as each layer is placed. Unlike concrete paving, during some phases of construction, asphalt, there is no lengthy curing period during which the road is closed to traffic even though construction activities are not currently occurring.
Asphalt Surface Patching
Pot holes that have no base failure and isolated areas of surface degradation can usually be corrected with asphalt surface patches. By covering and sealing a pot hole before the base is damaged by water infiltration and stress from vehicular traffic, an owner can slow the deterioration of their paving investment. A few dollars spent today will often save major expenses in the not to distant future. 
Asphalt Seal Coating
Your parking lot is the first thing customers or visitors see when they arrive on your property. Does your property have the right first impression?
Over time, water, sun, petroleum products and traffic take their toll on asphalt surfaces, making them hard, brittle and more susceptible to failure. Seal-coating provides a barrier between these elements and the binder in your pavement to prevent deterioration from wear and tear. And with a velvety black finish, sealcoating also enhances the aesthetics of your lot, giving worn-down asphalt a rejuvenated appearance. Sealcoating is recommended for use every 3 to 5 years and is most effective when applied during the first year of your parking lot’s lifespan.
Crack Sealing/Joint Sealing
Crack-filling is an economical first step to increase the longevity of your parking lot. Crack-filler can help to reduce water penetration through asphalt or concrete paving into the subgrade. This helps to shield the subgrade from the harmful effects of high-moisture content that will lead to premature failure of the pavement. 


Striping paint fades and must be reapplied on a regular basis. Fire Marshalls can require you to repaint the fire lanes on your property if the paint is not up to their standards. For the best results, the existing striping may need to be sweep clean, power washed or even totally removed by abrasives such as sand blasting of bead blasting. We can assess your existing conditions and recommend options for the best results.

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