Tips when to call the Tree Company

Base – It is essential that you are fully aware of when a tree on your property is about to plummet.  First, examine the base of the tree for saw dust, mushrooms or carpenter ants; these are sure signs that the tree has developed wood decay.

Bark – Now it’s time to scrutinize the trunk of the tree for an assortment of conditions such as pealing bark, cracks or holes.  Also, check for any discoloration and separation of the bark on the main stem of the tree; all of these variables imply that the health of the tree is slowly declining.

Branches – Falling branches could mean just about anything whether your tree is overdue for a trim or a storm passed through the night before.  However, this can be a preliminary sign of a suffering tree. Observe the fallen branches for leaves; a branch without any leaf growth typically means that it fell from a dying tree.

Bareness – Observe the crown of the tree for poor leaf development.  If a third of the tree is bare, this is typically a sign that it may need to be removed from the property.

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